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Hey amazing accountability backers!

As you may or may not know, I typically try to produce awesome content in and around community accountability and restorative justice, a heavy and challenging topic, published on the 14th and 28th.

I wanted to let you know that I just finished my first “one-sided witnessing” process and fortunately it went extremely well. Both survivor and alleged are happy they did the program and while they may never speak to each other again, it seemed like a healing and growth experience for all parties. While I know I can’t expect them all to go like that, it was very encouraging.

I’m excited to write up the experience and publish it but recently ran into some life situations. I will bore you with the details if you’d like in parentheses below because it’s interesting to me and possibly will be to you, but rest assured I will produce those deliverables as soon as I can.¬†

Just because deliverables aren’t published doesn’t mean I’m not doing the work. I will certainly publish the processes I’ve used and the results I’ve gotten as soon as is reasonable.¬†Currently I’m heavily focused on making sure I have enough podcast content produced for when I am possibly be unable to record content.

(So I ran into a crown and root canal situation that makes it cheaper to go to Mexico (to a trusted and respected senior doctora and endodontist) and get the work done. Accordingly, it has meant a flurry of activity and planning. I also worked about 63 hours of scheduled physical labour last week and am working this week on a client website – so I’ve been super busy!)