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Find my headshots, biography, and curriculum vitae for speaking below.


Victor Salmon is a paid speaker for conventions and workshops. Topics include consent as a best practices framework, negotiation, accountability (non-disposable), and diverse/inclusive spaces (anti oppression customized for the organization). Find his headshots and bio here.

2020.02.22 – Hiatus for Accountability Process
2020.02.21 – Anti-Racism Membership Consultation (PACE)
2020.02.19 – VOICES: Pillars of Consent
2020.02.11 – Intro to Kink (Capilano Student Union)
2020.02.08 – Rough Sex 101 (Taboo Sex Show) with Melody Anne
2020.01.23 – Squirting (The Art of Loving) with Melody Anne

2019.10.16 Satisfying Negotiations: More Than Asking for It
2019.09.28 Stratagem: Workplace Justice Reimagined 2019 (Unpacking Toxic Masculinity)
2019.09.18 VOICES Consent Framework
2019.05.19 Victoria Accountability May Intensive (VOICES Framework, Pods, Community Accountability)
2019.05.15 Satisfying Negotiations: More Than Asking for It
2019.04.26-28 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2019: Building Intimate Charge Consensually
2019.03.30 Converge Con 2019: Pleasure Bound – What You Need to Know about Rope Bondage (with Melody Anne)
2019.02.20 Satisfying Negotiations: More Than Asking for It
2019.01.22 BC Center for Disease Control Panel – BDSM and Kink in the Examination Room: What’s Your Role to Play? Recorded Here (w/Sara Blaze, Chase Onhasey)
2019.01.19 Westcoast Bound 2019 Panel – When the Outside Impacts the Inside: Addressing Race and Unlearning Bias in Community (w/ Yoseñio Lewis, !Kona Katranya, Daven Torsionist)
2019.01.18 Westcoast Bound 2019 – VOICES Consent Framework
2019.01.14 VOICES Consent Framework

 MVK Legacy Series: Desirable Play Partners: Skills for Success Workshop
2018.09.18 MVK Legacy Series: VOICES Consent Framework
2018.04.08 Converge Con 2018Kink Panel – An Intro to Shadows (with Sara Blaze and Stella Harris)
2018.03.21 MVK Legacy Series: Consent
2018.03.15 Awakened Woman Community Interview
2018.02.21 MVK Legacy Series: Negotiation
2018.01.25 Consent Crew, The – Consensual Communication (with Mel Mariposa)
2018.01.24 Converge Con Pub Night: Personal Development Through Kink
2018.01.17 Pride UBC “The Pride Collective” – Exploring Kink (with Melody Anne)

2017.04.07 Converge Con 2017
: Consent Panel – Yes Means Yes, Red Mean No: How Kink Handles Consent and How We Can Improve (with Melody Anne, Robin Beatch, and Sara Blaze)


Victor is a mixed-race, Tamil, community-minded, non-monogamous, relationship anarchist, and intersectional feminist. Their sought-after content focuses on consent, anti-racism, and gender diversity. They espouse non-punitive solutions to harm including environmental and social improvements to communities as well as harm-reduction strategies and rehabilitation-by-degrees for harmful individuals.

In 2019, they spoke at The BC Center for Disease Control, Westcoast Bound, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Converge Con, and Stratagem: Workplace Justice Reimagined. They also volunteered content for the Metro Vancouver Kink (MVK) legacy series of classes, time to teach at MVK, and effort on the board of directors of MVK.

Since the pandemic, they have cut back on public speaking but still do consulting. As a consultant, they are a lay coach, emotional support worker, anti-oppression consultant, and facilitator. In addition they host Intimate Interactions Podcast.

They’ve been in the Vancouver Kink and non monogamy communities since 2012. You can find them on the web (, on Twitter and Instagram (@intimateVictor), and on  Facebook (/intimateVictor).