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Learn about Relationships

Are kink or polyamory for you? Have a read through my relationship primer.

Polyamory, Consent, Kink, and more are real possibilities for you if you want them. Consider some relationship coaching.

VOICES Consent Framework

Learn how to get what you want with kindness and empathy. The rules-based system of drawing arbitrary lines is not effective. No one wants to learn what not to do.

Instead, learn a nuanced, principles-based approach that focuses on the quality of your consent and the subjective experiences of those involved.

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Explore Resources

Ever wonder where I get all my good ideas? Here are some resources to find the (smarter) people who introduced me to the building blocks of my synthesis.


I have an accountability pod. I documented how I made it to help you with yours.

I have thoughts and feelings about community accountability.

Change the Culture!

Want to give your organization a tolerance tune up? Have me design posters, print stationery, give talks, and make it happen!

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