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Alexandra Harbushka is back! After creating the Life with Herpes community to help anyone from suffering the way she did for any longer than absolutely necessary, she went on to create herpes wellness products and to offer 1-on-1 coaching for folks newly positive with herpes. Here we talk about meaningful steps for destigmatizing herpes infection such as how to prevent outbreaks. For more, check out Alexandra’s site,

Again, as a side note, there are always medical exceptions where any infection can be particularly severe or painful. While these are the exception and not the rule, it’s important we don’t erase the real suffering that some herpes sufferers experience even if they are not the norm. There are also treatments now like valcyclovir for those with frequent outbreaks to reduce outbreaks, pain, and transmission. Now let’s get into the content with Alexandra Harbushka here on Intimate Interactions.