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Yin and Yang teach us that all things contain some of their opposite, that things are rarely static and usually in flux. Today we’re going to talk about crisis as an opportunity to work on ourselves with Winnie Chan Wang. She discusses the ABCDE method she learned from her therapist focusing on responding to being outside the window of tolerance using awareness, breath, compassionate witnessing, dialogue within, and effective response.

Content warnings for trauma, crisis, gender binary stuff, heterosexual stuff, and I suppose woo in the form of traditional chinese medicine. If you’re science-minded, I encourage you to try to stretch a bit in listening to woo content recognizing that just because the reasoning behind why something works is based in allegory or metaphor rather than empiricism doesn’t invalidate that it can describe real processes.

Check out Winnie’s free community, paid course, and shadow work book at Now let’s go to the session with Winnie here on Intimate Interactions.