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Winnie Chan Wang visits with us today. As a licensed acupuncturist with knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine, Winnie bridges both the woo world and the science world. A note for my more science-minded listeners: I try to remember that many frameworks of understanding can speak to the way things work even if their reasoning can feel inaccurate to empiricists. I’d just suggest you not take it too literally, and instead consider it exposure therapy to something you wouldn’t normally hear. Or skip the episode. It’s also a very heterosexual episode as Winnie talks a lot about Yin and Yang. Content warning for discussions of rape recovery.

Also, for those who didn’t already know, vaginal arousal secretions called transudate are neutral in pH meaning they do in fact make the vagina more hospitable for sperm. You can learn all about it on Wikipedia under the vaginal discharge article though I personally find it extremely distasteful that we use this word. It’s true for all genitals though so it’s not so much patriarchy at work here as sexual puritanism in my opinion. For the record, a secretion is any useful substance produced, released, or if you prefer, discharged, by cells or an organism. The word useful here contrasts secretion with excretion which is used for waste products. Both are specialised forms of discharging though we use the word discharge in colloquial contexts with a negative context, often pus or blood or other waste products being released or drained from a wound. With this connotation in the vernacular, I much prefer secretion to describe the release of vaginal fluids. Or you could just say pussy juice. Yeah that works too. Today we’re going to mention that pussy juices facilitate fertilisation by helping make the trek easier for sperm.

Content warnings for trauma, rape, divorce, and I suppose woo. Check out Winnie’s free community, paid course, and shadow work book at