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Alexandra Harbushka created Life with Herpes after she tested positive for a genital herpes infection. Since her harrowing story began, involving feelings of shame, loss, grief, rejection, and deep disconnection, she’s made tremendous progress. Following a lot of research and self work, she now boasts a community of people who are transitioning from surviving to thriving while infected with genital herpes. As a side note, there are always medical exceptions where any infection can be particularly severe or painful. While these are the exception and not the rule, it’s important we don’t erase the pain that some herpes sufferers experience even if they are less common. There are also treatments now like valcyclovir for those with frequent outbreaks to reduce outbreaks, pain, and transmission.

Now, get ready for a frank conversation where we work to destigmatize the infection and talk about the hard journey Alexandra went on later creating toolkits, wellness products, and coaching services. Let’s go to Alexandra here on Intimate Interactions.