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Tim is the CEO of CLICKr digital, a pay-per-click and Analytics agency. As a business strategy coach, he teaches sale and marketing and help entrepreneurs scale and grow businesses. So what is he doing on an intimacy podcast?

Well part of exploring human intimacy is my curiosity and fascination about different kinds of people. Tim, while very business oriented, also loves free health care and describes himself as a centrist. In Canada, I would be considered a little left of center and Tim would be considered a little right of center, so it’s always fun to chat with him and we both enjoy each others’ company.

As I’ve watched him change and grow, I’ve wanted to bring him on to chat about relationships: how do you build business relationships? Why is learning to build relationships important for people who run businesses? What are some take-aways we can learn about relationships from business? How has business changed Tim’s life? We’ll explore these questions and others today with Tim, here on Intimate Interactions.