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Tillie, a queer community member, suggested a long time ago to start a project to develop our friendship in a recorded, progressive fashion. They’re back to draw on their chronically ill experience and share all about social support.

This is an episode about support from your social network when your society has failed to provide for the most vulnerable. For those of us who have mobility restrictions or can’t afford winter tires or a vehicle at all, food access can become a thing. This is especially true if you’re struggling with funds. So what does that look like in your circle of friends or found family? How does your community support those who need support?

And while others are using what resources they have to help their loved ones, how do those most at risk cope with anxiety and try to stay functional?

Quick note: part of my ongoing growth to work with my ADHD involves lots of timers all over so I can set louder alarms enabling me to put wet laundry in the dryer or leave my house on time. This is my life as an adult with ADHD. You’ll hear a beeping alarm near the end of the episode. Now, please enjoy another session of Intimate Interactions.