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What does health and wellness look like if you’re trying to just get your body moving again after a long period of being sedentary? Many of us post COVID-19 vaccination are grappling with the cost of life-saving inactivity? Well, we’re fortunate to have Lisa Tamati back, our Maori ultramarathoner extraordinaire. You don’t have to run the equivalent of the circumference of the Earth more than once through over 140 ultramarathons like she has to understand that human fight between wanting to give up and practicing a small victory of resilience. Today Lisa discusses protecting your mindset while recounting a mountain pass marathon that awed me.

If you haven’t checked out her book Relentless yet, you can find it on her website at She also has a great podcast out, Pushing The Limits, where you can listen to experts discuss tips and strategies from elite performers to you.

Remember to resource yourself for this conversation. Pandemics, depression, and sedentary lifestyles are intermingled for a lot of us right now. It may seem insurmountable to start back into caring for your body, but I promise you it’s very possible. Little victories, friends. I feel like a long time ago, Lisa made the world decide to either get on board with her vision of herself or to get out of her way; but that kind of victory doesn’t happen overnight. I encourage you to frame it more as “if Lisa can make it through that mountain pass, I can get 5000 steps today,” even if it feels impossible. No matter how you use the content, I’m proud to present Lisa Tamati, here on Intimate Interactions.

Pushing The Limits (Podcast) (“Relentless” book)