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Permission to exist sexually is something I’ve craved since I was a teenager. Whether you’re queer or not, sometimes it’s really hard to learn how to exist with kindness and compassion for yourself, and without that it can be hard to give it to others. Today we’re talking with Court Vox about how we as a society give or deny permission for sexual exploration. Interestingly, this often hinges around trauma because of our cultural narratives around sexual pleasure.

If you want to follow Court Vox on Instagram, he’s @courtvox, or you can reach out on Similarly I’m @intimatevictor and you can reach out to victor at victor salmon dot com.

Now, Court explores how we permit sexual pleasure to those recovering from trauma but deny it if it’s just pleasure for pleasure’s sake. As always, enjoy.

PS: I apologize for being out of home when this was recorded. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with life what with having my post second wave vacation cancelled due to delta variant in the US. There are three episodes recorded in these recording sessions so apologies in advance the clarity isn’t the same as usual. I will do better in future recording sessions as I work hard to bring you very best quality I can manage while guests are recording on their own mics. On the plus side, Court Vox is a good speaker and the sessions are shorter than my usual which lets us concentrate content. Still figuring it out. Thanks for your patience! ^.^