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Cw: covid-19, transphobia, gender reassignment surgery

My friend Sapphire and I chat about gender and accessibility during COVID-19. We touch on their gender advocacy at school, accessibility for immunocompromised people, and we briefly touch on the law in alabama that recently criminalized gender affirmation surgery.

The term transmasc is a shortening of transmasculine which usually refers to masculine appearing trans non-binary people but also includes transmen. I originally was going to say also includes men as transmen are men just as transwomen are women, but realized since trans is in the transmasc term, it does technically only apply to transmen. There, that’s straight now. Well, not necessarily straight. Some trans folks are straight but others prefer to give traffic directions by saying “go gayly forward” so… not necessarily straight. Okay – let’s get to the episode with Sapphire!