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What does it mean when you feel a sense of intimacy that isn’t reciprocal? Today I’d love to focus on an aspect of that question: what is intimacy in podcasting? Do you know me? Do you know things about me? Do you know things about me very few people in my day-to-day life know? I would say the answer to most of those questions is probably: somewhat.

Usually knowing those things, experiencing that intimacy – it represents a connection. Usually we could both predict what the other would likely do, feel, and 

Get ready for some meta content, folks. I am honoured to introduce you to both: one of my favourite short fiction podcasts, and to the esteemed veteran podcasters that in my opinion use their voices to promote talented new authors and build the writing community – all while bringing you great new fiction by donation or if you prefer, for free. S.B. Divya, Mur Lafferty, and Alasdair Stuart.

By the way, it’s the two year anniversary of Intimate Interactions – hooray! Who would have thought I’d be interviewing veteran podcasters from a popular podcast on my little show? If you want to show me some love, post something kind on

First, we’ll start with a quick introduction I recorded with SB Divya as one example of the kind of folks who have hosted Escape Pod. I’ll feature Mur’s intro next episode.

SB Divya

  • Former engineer specializing in machine learning with an education in computational neuroscience and signal processing
  • Writer

Mur Lafferty

  • Many accolades including winning two parsec awards in the same year in 2008, won the 2018 Best Fancast Hugo Award for Ditch Diggers
  • Writer

Alasdair Stuart

  • Co-owns Escape Artist Podcasts 
  • Writer (as seen in the Guardian, Sci Fi Now, How it Works, The Fortean Times, Neo, SFX, Bleeding Cool)

Escape Artists (

Session 1 questions I’ll be asking will likely be similar to:

1) What’s the most intimate part of podcasting for you?

2) What excites you about podcasting?

3) Do you consider what you create art and why (or why not)?

4) How do you decide what to share of yourself or your life in your introductions and analysis of stories?

5) What has your time on Escape Pod taught you about life?