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Person on the internet: “Wow you’re so mature for your age.”

Other person on the internet: “Thanks, it’s the lifetime of depression and self-isolation.”

Intimate Interactions is about relationships and intimacy. I can’t think of a more important relationship than the one to yourself. Some educators talk about self relationship from the perspective of being your own partner first and foremost, before you partner with anyone else. I like that view.

Speaking as a person who has lived with depression and anxiety his entire life, I have to ask: are you in an abusive relationship with yourself?

It’s worth reflecting on your internal conversations. If you have an abusive internal voice, who does that abusive voice remind you of? 

As a person who has been through years of counselling and has unlearned very harmful beliefs about competence, intelligence, elitism, etcetera, I have to ask: What mistaken beliefs did they teach you if any? 

Could you come to new conclusions about those things and start to cultivate the self awareness to monitor what you’re saying to yourself, to catch yourself, to confront yourself and change your own mind about those things?

Depression to me is often the consequence of a mind divided against itself, and that’s not a long term ideal situation. It’s often unsustainable long term.

Today my guest is Dax, a person with a degree in Psychology who is a long time depression sufferer. 

Fact check and research time. tl:dr, everything we say in the podcast is correct but we lacked the confidence to say so definitively and I’ve done the research and shared the links in the show description to confirm what I found.

To restate: a psychotropic drug is one that affects the mind or mental process. A psychedelic drug is one inducing hallucinations like LCD or as I correctly guessed, psilocybin – the compound in magic mushrooms. Thus psilocybin is a psychotropic drug that is psychedelic.

Ketamine is a tranquilizer and it is used by veterinarians on horses as well as other animals. An eponym is a thing something else is named after. For example, a dog in India is named Victor after me. I am his eponym. He is my namesake. (scroll to the bottom for mental health resources including Vancouver specific ones)