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Have you ever heard of non monogamous people having “comet” partners? Today we’ll discuss what that means and how it’s different from long distance relationships.

Jazz Goldman and I talk about what a comet partner relationship might look like between the two of us. We talk about sustainability, and make a distinction between being community-oriented non monogamous folks, and being individual-oriented non monogamous folks.

One way to think of community-oriented non monogamy is how focused we are on our greater collection of lovers and our lovers’ lovers – that is to say on our polycules. One way to think of individual-oriented non-monogamy is more like solo polyamorous folks, though not all solo polyamorous folks are individual-oriented. I mean to say if we take a radically personally autonomous stance – that we are each responsible only for ourselves, we would be embodying more of an individual-oriented philosophy rather than a community-minded one.

Sustainability of relationships and thinking about how they fit in the context of one’s polycule is an important assessment for me, even if I do have strong needs for autonomy and independence. I think the information is good to have for everyone, even if they are quite individual-oriented in how they practice their consensual non monogamy.

And now, the conversation with Jazz Goldman about Long Distance Lovers on Intimate Interactions.