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 For this podcast, I did a more improvised intro using these bullet points:

  • excited to share this awesome episode I recorded with Elle with you
  • She asked for less scripting, so I’m sort of improvising this intro; let me know if you like it
  • E-mail [email protected] or go to
  • In the lead up to the show, when I say I script my show, I mean 
    • I write themed questions in advance
    • In a specific order
    • obviously the show isn’t written or scripted word for word – who has that kind of time?
  • Okay, so what’s this all about
  • We have a conversation about her being less authentic once mics are on
  • You can tell we have a playful dynamic and have been laughing a lot
  • It was my hope to coax a more authentic Elle out for you to experience this session as she is a joy
  • But what a topic to do it with – heartbreak is a really intense topic and a fear that can stop intimacy
  • There may be unmet expectations, fear of loss, loss, difficulty to move on, insecurity, inadequacy, and other intense negative feelings
  • We talk a little about shame, comparison, and self talk
  • Elle mentions Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
  • We mention Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg again. It’s such a good book – if you haven’t read it go read it : ).
  • It was a pleasure making this. I hope you like it.