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I’d like to share a quote with you from Teresa Adams. “Intimacy demands the highest risk but yields the richest reward. Intimacy is the driving force which makes the painful grit of life worthwhile. Intimacy is the life-giving beam of light, whereby we discover each other from the inside out, never quite fully, never entirely, but enough to find an exquisite inner oasis that replenishes us on our life’s journey.” ~ Teresa Adams

Jealousy is a complex and nuanced topic, so I brought in Elle! Someone I trust to give me the honest good and bad experiences from her own life such as they are. She has a lot of insight to offer and I’m excited to share this vulnerable, raw episode with you of Intimate Interactions.

Whole-Brained Child, The (audio | book)

Nonviolent Communication (audio | book)

Opening Up (audio | book