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Each person offers a unique set of intimate interactions they want with you. 

They may want different kinds of sex, spooning, cuddling, hugging, kissing, or other forms of touch. And/or

They may want varying levels of emotional engagement to meet needs like consolation, celebration, expression, validation, and many more. And/or

They may want to live in close proximity to you by staying over temporarily or moving in – various domestic relationships. And/or

They may be socially interested in coming to family functions or spending holidays with you. And/or

They may want to share child-care duties with you.

There’s no problem using prescribed sets of intimate interactions under traditional labels. There’s also no reason we should have to use them or be shamed for going off script. It’s also okay some people think these labels are all there is. 

We can pick and choose what we want from the Smorgasboard of Relationships so long as we’re consenting, informed adults. So why not share our best lives with as many people we want in the ways that make sense to us?


For a discussion of a Need-Based approach to relationships from Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (bookaudiobook)  as well as a quick run through of my perspective on some forms of non monogamy, check out my primer on relationships available at: