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Hi friends,

I’m going to be at SEAF 2019 this coming weekend and this is what I’ll be teaching. As promised, I publish my hand-outs and resources. Sometimes, that’s just a PDF. Other times, it’s a free resource that doesn’t look ugly : ). I’m fairly proud of what I’ve been able to produce.

First, there’s the site as a free resource. Second, I’m gifting you my speaking notes as a PDF. This is everything I’m taking with me to Seattle.

I also want to say a special thank-you to you for supporting me. While they are helping cover gas and generously offering me a space to crash, many/most cons don’t pay educators. Myself and my teaching assistant are both getting tickets to the con – all in all a great deal. Yet the dozens of hours to develop the content, put together the facilitation strategy, and building the webpage – none of that is compensated time except for the time paid for by my patreon supporters, you!

So thanks very much for all you to help out. I hope you enjoy seeing the fruits of the labour you support.