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Victor creates custom workshops for organizations to help better address culture issues they may be having. The following are just some of the workshops created for other organizations and other purposes. Please submit a question or send an email if you’d like to talk about options. Time ranges given mean workshops can be as short as or as long as the suggested times. Longer workshops have more activities and often more content.



VOICES Consent and TJ Framework

The VOICES Framework encourages nuance and moves away from binary ideas of consent and towards risk assessment. This class focuses on rethinking consent as a “subjective experience of agreement,” introducing the idea of the “quality of consent” rather than whether or not someone followed specific rules. This principles or values approach suggests some practices are safer but that there is no perfect recipe for consent. Methods do not guarantee outcome. Intention does not eliminate impact.

Best Practices minimize risk of folks have a subjective experience of nonconsent. We review key categories of best practices (V.O.I.C.E.S.) and discuss how invisible power dynamics undermine consent or inadvertently pressure or coerce participation.  Not following them (i.e. drinking alcohol) doesn’t make an experience non consensual by default but it does increase the risk of interactions landing as nonconsensual. These practices may help identify experiences that seem consensual for now but that are at high risk of being revealed otherwise later.

60 – 90 minutes


Honest Negotiations

Negotiation is about building trust as a form of relationship capital. Both rejection and acceptance are opportunities to build trust. Negotiation is fact finding back and forth. It is about finding consent. It is about mutual agreement.

This workshop focuses on communication skills and situational awareness. Find confidence in rejection and strong boundaries keeping you both safe.

Example worksheets will be passed around and available online.

90 minutes


Understanding TJ Basics: Case Studies

This workshop builds on the VOICES Consent Workshop.

Understanding Transformative Justice (TJ) Basics is about taking small steps towards accountability so as not to overwhelm folks on either side of the harm. It touches briefly on the healing work done on both sides. Harmed folks doing Impact Statements with or without a therapist or lawyer; and people working on harmful behavior witness those impacts separately with an accountability coach or trained therapist. We’ll talk about this process as well as mention other tools that sometimes get used and talk about the importance of customizing these processes.

90 minutes


Accountability Constellations: How to Make Functional Pods

This Workshop requires the VOICES Consent Workshop.

Accountability Constellations is about creating and managing pods that are capable of doing their roles in a way that holds space for the community, the pod itself, the harmed person, and the person seeking to do better.

We do exercises around finding your pod people and clarifying pod roles; and we talk about resourcing, regular meetings, and resources like technology that is useful for group video conferences.

Finally, we cover some basics of pod functioning. A must have for any fledgling pod getting resourced and understanding their responsibilities in a compassionate way.

60 minutes


Confronting Toxic Masculinity

Through guided discussions and activities, participants identify and challenge toxic masculinity. While examining root causes like hegemonic gender, we see how toxic masculinity affects us and moves through society. Finally, we learn why those in power stand to benefit from ending toxic masculinity.

90 – 150 minutes


Taking care of yourself is important because your quality of life matters. This needs-based approach to self-evaluation offers concrete self-discovery activities and tangible activity suggestions.

Helping your team take better care of themselves means better performance at work, more productivity, and smoother interactions. Relaxed teams are cooperative under pressure rather than flailing under stress.

60 – 150 minutes


Building Intimate Charge

There’s a lot on the line when you start building intimate connection, especially in the post #metoo era. Empathy and discussion are at the core of the sultry art of building consensual intimate charge. What would be possible between us if we thought of consent as a subjective experience of agreement instead of a signature on a legal document? How could we craft intimacy by better asking for what we want and meeting everyone’s needs?

90 minutes