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Thanks so much dear patrons for your support of my work in Community Accountability and Consent. I’ve been working on my day long intensive in Victoria all day and am hoping to have some resources to post on my website in the coming weeks.

After SEAF 2019, I was able to produce which was a collection of resources I assembled for my Building Intimate Charge class. I’m hoping to be able to start posting a more built-out resources page for Accountability stuff though I’m not sure what that might look like. I just wanted to say thank-you in advance for contributing to the Room of One’s Own I am currently struggling to inhabit.

Attached are some of the basic resources and graphics I’m going to be linking to and sharing. They are all made by other people and available for free online. I’m just collecting ones I think are relevant to my work and organizing them by stage of process.

I’m still hoping to write an Process Blueprints Guidebook for Community Accountability. It’s just taking time as I keep re-writing things I thought I understood and continue growing and changing how I’m framing this material.

Thanks for staying with me through the process.

You’re the best!