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Hey loyal accountability patreon supporters! 

You are such amazingly supportive humans and your presence matters to me. I’m currently working on some great accountability projects including finishing the following:

1) Condensing the VOICES Framework. Every time I teach it, I get a little bit better. I’ve taught it almost ten times now which is usually the arbitrary number where I feel like I’ve gotten about 80% to the best I’ll be at teaching a thing. I’ve attached a copy just for you!

2) I got accepted to Reimagine Masculinities (Saturday Nov. 16) where I’m teaching a VOICES Consent Framework one hour primer.

3) I started coordinating with an organizer and friend on Vancouver Island to teach an Accountability Workshop on Sunday Nov 17 which will include some basics around pod configurations and some case studies of situations where transformative justice has worked and where it hasn’t.

I will send out notes from Reimagine Masculinities when I have them and likely will post the notes from the accountability workshops here as well.