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It all starts with values. Community, culture, and values are all inextricably connected. Building a consent culture involves a community of people who value consent. Thus building a compassionate community that values restorative justice and moving forward together begins with a set of values.

One of my personal values is shameless continual self improvement (popularized in the US and Canada in recent decades imo by Toyota as the Japanese principle of Kaizen which was later taken by management systems like Scrum and other white corporate structures).

I’m publishing my restorative justice accountability pod values because I’m looking for constructive criticism. Do certain values seem inconsistent? Do they clash? Is a sub-item better under a different value?

Help me clarify my values. Let me know what you think.

I’d also like to thank my Community Accountability Guide level patrons for their incredibly generous support without which this may not have been possible.

Currently the 6 guiding values for my accountability pod are: Accessible, Sustainable, Innovative, Tangible, Voluntary, and Autonomous. They are posted at

Please comment here with your feedback.



PS: Feel free to click around to or or and leave me feedback on those as well.