Victor Salmon is a regular paid speaker for conventions and workshops. Topics include consent as a best practices framework, negotiation, accountability (non-disposable), and diverse/inclusive spaces (anti oppression customized for the organization). Find his headshots and bio here.

2020.02.22 – Hiatus Begins for Accountability Process
2020.02.21 – Anti-Racism Membership Consultation (PACE)
2020.02.19 – VOICES: Pillars of Consent
2020.02.11 – Intro to Kink (Capilano Student Union)
2020.02.08 – Rough Sex 101 (Taboo Sex Show) with Melody Anne
2020.01.23 – Squirting (The Art of Loving) with Melody Anne

Satisfying Negotiations: More Than Asking for It
2019.09.28 Stratagem
: Workplace Justice Reimagined 2019 (Unpacking Toxic Masculinity)
VOICES Consent Framework
2019.05.19 Victoria Accountability May Intensive 
(VOICES Framework, Pods, Community Accountability)
2019.05.15 Satisfying Negotiations: More Than Asking for It
2019.04.26-28 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2019:
 Building Intimate Charge Consensually
2019.03.30 Converge Con 2019: Pleasure Bound – What You Need to Know about Rope Bondage (with Melody Anne)
2019.02.20 Satisfying Negotiations: More Than Asking for It
2019.01.22 BC Center for Disease Control Panel
– BDSM and Kink in the Examination Room: What’s Your Role to Play? Recorded Here (w/Sara Blaze, Chase Onhasey)
2019.01.19 Westcoast Bound 2019 Panel – When the Outside Impacts the Inside: Addressing Race and Unlearning Bias in Community (w/ Yoseñio Lewis, !Kona Katranya, Daven Torsionist)
2019.01.18 Westcoast Bound 2019 – VOICES Consent Framework
2019.01.14 VOICES Consent Framework

MVK Legacy Series: Desirable Play Partners: Skills for Success Workshop
2018.09.18 MVK Legacy Series: VOICES Consent Framework
2018.04.08 Converge Con 2018: Kink Panel – An Intro to Shadows (with Sara Blaze and Stella Harris)
2018.03.21 MVK Legacy Series: Consent
2018.03.15 Awakened Woman Community Interview
2018.02.21 MVK Legacy Series: Negotiation
2018.01.25 Consent Crew, The – Consensual Communication (with Mel Mariposa)
2018.01.24 Converge Con Pub Night: Personal Development Through Kink
2018.01.17 Pride UBC “The Pride Collective” – Exploring Kink (with Melody Anne)

2017.04.07 Converge Con 2017
: Consent Panel – Yes Means Yes, Red Mean No: How Kink Handles Consent and How We Can Improve (with Melody Anne, Robin Beatch, and Sara Blaze)