Victor is a sought-after international speaker who is a genderqueer, polysexual, AMAB, mixed-race, Tamil, non-hierarchichal, non-monogamous, relationship anarchist and intersectional feminist. Their content focuses on consent, anti-racism, and gender diversity. They espouse non-punitive solutions to harm including environmental and social improvements to communities and rehabilitation-by-degrees for individuals.

In 2019, they spoke at The BC Center for Disease Control, Westcoast Bound, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Converge Con, and Stratagem: Workplace Justice Reimagined. They also volunteered content for the Metro Vancouver Kink (MVK) legacy series of classes and volunteered time to teach at MVK as well.

As a consultant, they are a lay non-consent accountability coach, emotional support worker, anti-oppression consultatant, and Vancouver Consent Crew facilitator. In addition they host Intimate Interactions Podcast.

They’ve been in the Vancouver Kink scene since 2012, and practicing honest non monogamy since 2013. You can find them on the web (, on Twitter and Instagram (@intimateVictor), by email (, and on Facebook (/intimateVictor).