Organic Transhuman Homebrew RPG Seeks Players for the Apocalypse

Time is relative...

Welcome to the backwater of the distant future! Humanity has suffered time wars, climate destruction, societal rebirth, and finally dissemination among the stars. Start on a post-apocalyptic world where AI deities grant you powers to help offset your meager technology. Explore ruins from previous humans, salvage tech, and grow your society (Photo: Wadi, Jordan by Spencer Davis).


ruined worlds

After most flee a dying world dozens of millennia into the future, what’s left for the poor but to survive? Centuries later as most infrastructure is in ruins but the world has recovered, it’s up to you to help rebuild society. Negotiate access treaties with other factions to salvage cool tech in sunken coastal cities. Photos: Indonesia by Stijn Dijkstra (under water); Dubai, UAE by Aleksandar Pasaric (city)

plotting pantheon

Are they magic, spirit, or tech? Beneficent or malign? Whatever the gods are, they use what human survivors remain to repair their structures and staff their temples. Their control of human power has led to humans worshipping them as gods. Photo: Athina, Greece by Jimmy Teoh

Organic transhumanism

Survivors consider themselves human and have no reason to believe humans have ever been otherwise. They don’t understand that they’re an all organic, redesigned human. They have many abilities they may not understand how to or be able to access. Thank the gods for guidance. Photographer: Samarth Singhai

power and Progress

Most humans are presented to their patron deity AI in a “Rooting” Ceremony to prevent other AIs harming them. In exchange for human service, Gods provide unique abilities. 

This campaign won’t yet grow your town from subsistence farming to star-faring, but is intended to be a series of adventures in this universe to learn the world.

Character Creation Brainstorm

The first campaign begins in a small town so your character needs a reason to begin here. What kind of character do you want to make?

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