Intimate Interactions

An Alternative Relationships, Intimacy, Sex, Kink, and Nonmonogamy Podcast

What to Expect

I’m passionately excited to bring you intimate content from a cross-section of society from educators with degrees to sex workers to veterans of kink and non monogamy. They’re all just regular people.

Come improve your sex life and relationship quality with this sex and relationship nerd.


"...very intimate indeed. I appreciate how much time Victor takes to listen and make his guests comfortable enough to share things usually reserved for a therapist. The topics are very interesting and are often the type of conversation you wish people had more often. It’s healthy. On top of that, Victor has a wide breadth of knowledge, but I think he approaches everything from a humble open minded perspective, seeking to help others..."
Cam Reid
"Compassionate discussions that are both informative and interesting!"
Suze Shore

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