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Hi loyal patreons <3,

I’ve just changed things up a little, publishing more of my premium content by delayed release (about 5 months delayed) on my free podcast. That means none of my episodes on Patreon are free to the public anymore (they’re the ad-free, short-intro versions for patreons only). 

I’ve also started Instagram and Pinterest accounts where I’ll be posting to let y’all know when episodes are released. Posts will go up as episodes go live weekly.

Also don’t forget about:

I have also started a discord server if you use discord. It’s empty right now, but if you folks start joining it, you can start interfacing with each other and chatting about episodes with other people who like the same content you do. You can find that here:

In 2020, I’m planning to further shorten my intro and outro to make my content more easy on your ears and less repetitive if you’re marathoning newer episodes. That’s on the horizon though! Stay tuned, and happy listening.

And of course, thank-you so much Intimates for your continued support of Intimate Interactions and my Accountability Work <3.