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So I’m learning to make soundscape art. I’m being introduced to professional equipment. I’d like to actually make some soundscapes and layer them into my podcast. I’m currently working freelance and am hoping on my next paycheque or two I’ll have enough extra to buy an H4N Pro Zoom field recorder.

It means a lot to have you supporting me on patreon. For example, the term starving artist is funny for me because I have IBS and am currently on the low FODMAP diet to avoid getting really sick. I’m also currently sick with IBS symptoms. The last two days I’ve not been super functional and can’t imagine what a 9-5 that didn’t mind me bailing for a couple of days might look like.

I’m currently paying for a podcasting night class run by professionals which has been helpful in opening my eyes as to what’s possible. I’m thinking of running an IndieGoGo to help fund it. I’ll keep you updated if I ever get around to that.

Until then thank-you so much for your support. You’re the best!