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Asking for what you want is an art. Sometimes you’ve had sex a certain way so many times it doesn’t occur that you can ask for it any differently but you can always change your mind, and it’s never too late to introduce experimentation. Sometimes using strategies like saying “you know what would make this even better?” can help. Other times you can’t imagine how you would approach a person about something. In those cases, something like Marcia Baczynski’s Good Girl Recovery Project or Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent or Dr. Paterson’s The Assertiveness Workbook might be what you need. Of course you can always turn into The Intimate Marriage Podcast, specifically the episode called How Marriages Fail. The host of that podcast, medical doctor Alexandra Stockwell, is back to explain that how we ask can impact how good it feels for our partners to provide for us. Let’s hear it straight from her on Intimate Interactions.