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Decolonizing can mean many things. It rarely if ever gets used to mean making people move but instead about undoing the damage done by colonization also by the ideology of Colonialism.

But what does that have to do with fucking? Well, it impacts the way I navigate sex positive spaces as a non white person, and most definitely impacts the way my guest today, Lex Wilson navigates sex positive spaces as a Black, femme, non-binary person.

I won’t give too many spoilers though. It’s best to let Lex explain it in their own words. As a content warning, I do talk over Lex to add context for the audience at one point and while Lex is very kind and compassionate and doesn’t even mention it, I do come back to it towards the end of the session to point it out and make an apology (although it starts with an explanation which isn’t ideal for any apology). On the plus side, I’m noticing this stuff and getting progressively better at offering apologies and owning stuff I screw up. I’m also getting progressively better – I think – at not speaking over AFAB folks. This stuff is hard to unlearn but it’s very necessary work.

And with that out of the way, let’s hear what Lex has to say here on Intimate Interactions.