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There’s a fascinating distinction between the way we see ourselves and the way others see us. Those might be the same. Those might be radically different. For public facing folks like Jet Noir or even myself, it might be intentional that we show part of who we are to make art, construct a performance, or for a host of other reasons or pressures.

I love events like burlesque and related but quite different events like drag. They often have something valuable to say about sex, sexuality, and identity. What that is differs by performer, act, and the audience experiencing it. I encourage you to experience both burlesque and drag for different reasons, but what they both have in common is you will possibly learn a lot about other people if you don’t also learn something about yourself.

Jet Noir is a Black, cis-gender, non-monogamous, pansexual burlesque performer and sex educator from the Bay Area. This was recorded on April 12th, on day 27 of self isolation for him during the Covid-19 crisis.

  1. How did you first get into burlesque?
  2. Why is burlesque important to you?
  • “See people like me”
  1. What function do you think burlesque serves in society?
  2. How does your identity as a burlesque performer relate to dating?
  3. How is your dating life impacted by your identity?
  4. What are “sexpectations” as you use the word?
  5. How do you manage expectations others have of who you are in relationships?