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Sophia Sky invites me to her bedroom to podcast about the subjectivity and intimacy of art. How does are create intimacy between the art subject and the viewer or for that matter between viewers? We’ll try not to be too all over the place but… no promises.

We also talk about Sophia’s passion for art and sexuality that has in part led her to become the director of pan eros foundation, a non profit organization that focuses on celebrating and cultivating sexuality through education and the arts.

Aside from the erotic gallery in the historic pioneer square neighbourhood of Seattle, Pan Eros is also responsible for Consent Academy and Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

Let’s dive into the intimacy of art with Sophia Sky now on Intimate Interactions.

  1. When and how did you first take stewardship of Pan Eros foundation?
  2. When you think about art, how would you describe the kind of art that gets you most excited- what effect or achievement makes it art for you?
  3. What relationship is there between the subject described in erotic art and the viewer?
  4. Would you say art is about communication? What is art about for you?
  5. As a person who enjoys sexual exhibitionism and often especially enjoys the embarrassment play of showcasing publicly how sexual a private person is, I relate to a facilitator role in helping shame-fetishists get their kink on. What role does the artist have in facilitating a relationship between art subject and viewer?
  6. Part of my experience of appreciating art is imagining the experience of creating the art from the perspective of the artist. Do you do that as well?
  7. Aside from relationships with artist and art subject, there’s also a place for art community in our relationships to each other as art appreciators. What role does community have in providing room for sharing our experiences with each other as a casual or even intimate exercise?