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This Valentine’s day, I bring you a special interview that I got with Reid Mihalko. Normally new episodes publish on Patreon first and come out for free 9 months later. This episode is an exception and will air for everyone on Valentine’s day. If you find the quality better than my free episodes, maybe try out Patreon for a month and see if you like it. I have sessions with Sophia Sky at Pan Eros Foundation in Seattle and in a week am recording with the podcast hosts of Escape Pod about intimacy in being a podcaster. Escape Pod has been running about 12 years though the hosts haven’t been with it since inception, and is part of Escape Artists, a thriving podcast community. Finally, at Westcoast Bound, I was able to get Mollena Williams to agree to do some podcast episodes with me. If you don’t know Mollena, the content that human puts out is incredible. Alright. Enough promo – let’s talk about this episode.

So, I was invited by Jazz Goldman, a comet partner of mine and sex educator living in New York to Reid Mihalko’s birthday party in his home. After picking Jazz up and driving to Reid and Allison’s place, we enjoyed hot tubbing and an afternoon orgy with some fellow sex educators. I spent the night with Jazz in Reid’s spare room. While I’m failing at making breakfast sounds, Reid comes into the kitchen and offers me some coffee.