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Race is a complicated topic to discuss, because there are quite a few misconceptions out there. I want to tackle how white a lot of alternative spaces are because of how inhospitable they can be for people of colour. This episode discusses what races are, how eugenics impacted ideas that we internalize today, the supposed scientific basis of eugenics, and who gets to be white.

Despite our best efforts, I think we both agreed that this episode centered whiteness too much for our own liking, but it is my hope that it’s a great episode for you to listen to if you are a White person or are looking for some basics around Racism in alternative spaces like a polyamory community or a Kink community – of course depending on city.

Jazz mentioned people who survived the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) may carry a mutation that resists HIV infection!

Jazz mentioned a book on stereotypes which turned out to be called Typecasting and is written by Ewen and Ewen (not bowen and bowen). It’s a researched book on eugenics and Racism.

Jazz mentions a Sweedish girl who protested the government’s inaction on climate change. Her name is Greta Thunberg and her story is here: