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Today I begin an experimental piece called the Tillie Friendship Project. Inspired by Audio Smut and The Heart podcasts, I got an H1N Zoom mic, the newer version of what Kaitlin Prest started with when recording Audio Smut. Seriously, if you’ve never heard it, go listen to it – it’s still ground breaking even if she and I disagree on the possibility of non monogamy as a functional relationship style.

While we don’t intend to come close to the alternative excellence of Prest’s early work, we did want to see what it looks like when two people try to document their experiences of friendship such that they can refer to them in the future.

Unfortunately the H1N Zoom sounded great on the live monitor but was saving the audio as the lowest quality MP3 which was notably less good. Hashtag learning experiences.

Today we talk about artificial intelligence, robots, capitalism, and sexually transmitted infections. That’s a fair first conversation as friends, right?