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Stephanie Si is back to talk about asexuals and/or demisexuals like herself who masturbate and who find creative ways to have sex outside of the kind where a penis goes in any of the 3 major orifices. She calls it her “no 3 holes” policy.

We briefly talk about Racism and the criminal system as well as the idea of sexual consent and the #metoo movement.

We also talk about forms of ASMR like roleplays of boyfriend, husband, or sex; and forms of ASMR that perform a function like fall asleep, destress, or love and comfort.

I’m super interested in making ASMR content, so let me know if you have any requests. You can reach me at [email protected]. As always, if you like the show, tell a friend or write us a review to help other sex and relationship nerds find us.

Stephanie’s Blog is Stephanie also has a Youtube Channel called The Whorely Virgin. Here’s an example of her Slutty Sunday content.