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The author, podcaster, and blogger Kat Stark is back for another session. We talk about bisexuality, queerness, pegging, the fear of not being queer enough, heteromantic queer orientations, queer sex, being genderqueer and having a complicated wardrobe; and we touch on BDSM bottoming and service bottoming. You can find Kat Stark at and their book “Yelling in Pasties: The Wet Coast Confessions of an Anxious Slut.”

  1. when were your first queer thoughts?
  2. how did you decide to experiment with queerness?
  3. when did you first feel like you’d had queer sex?
  4. How has non-monogamy affected your self-perception around sexual orientation?
  5. have you ever been queerly in love?
  6. how has being queer impacted your quality of life?
  7. how has being queer impacted how you see society?
  8. When did you discover that you might not fit into the gender binary?
  9. How have you struggled with labelling your gender identity?
  10. How do different social situations affect your gender identity?
  11. How has your gender identity affected relationships in your life?