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Stephanie is a woman of colour who has been an engineer and an accountant. She identifies as asexual or possibly a demisexual, and an ASMR content producer – though none happen in this episode. She has a passion for travel and politics.

She brings up the supposed deplatforming of Alex Jones, her thoughts on Ben Shapiro, gun rights, and antinatalism. I’m not sure if it comes up, but it’s important to note the mandatory minimum sentencing for gun owners from the Harper government’s tough on crime initiatives have all been overturned and no longer apply.

As you could guess, this is a more political episode than I’d usually record and while it isn’t exclusively focused on relationships or ASMR (we get to that later), Stephanie is an interesting person to me and I really appreciate how we either agree to disagree or one of us decides to go away and research more.

I welcome you to experience Stephanie’s passion and listen to us share, agree, and disagree. If you like the show, please tell a friend or write us a review to help other sex and relationship nerds find us.

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