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Kris is a friend who describes herself as “an acquired taste who talks a lot” and who I’d describe as a psychedelic taking, van dwelling, wreck beach nudist since 14, free spirit hippie – oh yes, and she describes herself as “insanely polyamorous” which some polyamorous folks might describe as polyfuckerous instead. While polyamory is about multiple loves rather than fuck partners, some folks find it empowering as a term holding sex positive space for sluts, which it also is.

The last time I spoke in person with Kris, we were in grade 6 together at Port Guichon Elementary School, which I remember as a bit of a hell hole with a couple of shining examples of excellent teachers and a principle who seemed to have it out for me. She was vice principle of the school where someone pulled a knife on me and her idea of discipline was to take the student’s knife away. When I moved, she was promoted unfortunately to principle of the new elementary school I attended where she supported Racist bullies who verbally and physically attacked me in and outside of school. Despite this, no disciplinary action was ever taken that I was made aware.

In any case, Kris joins me now to talk catch up. She talks about life after her soulmate (Connor) died, her plant medicine journey in Brazil with ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic, and we touch on suicidal ideation. With how much she likes sex, I thought it interesting to ask about her favourite and least favourite parts of sex and relationship.

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1. How did you first discover you liked sex?

2. What do you like best about relationships?

3. What do you like least about relationships?

4. What do you like best about sex?

5. What do you like least about sex?