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Kat Stark is an author, podcaster, and blogger at They talk about their marital renaissance, slut shame, slut empowerment, overcoming non monogamy shame through consensual nonconsent fantasy, swinging, how the book “Come As You Are” helped them, the book “Opening Up,” and their own book, “Yelling in Pasties: The Wet Coast Confessions of an Anxious Slut.”It’s one of my most on-task sessions yet.

  1. How has sex positivity impacted your quality of life since you discovered it?
  2. do you identify as a slut and how is that significant?
  3. what did sex positivity or sex shame look like growing up for you?
  4. did sexual shame play a role in delaying non monogamy in your life?
  5. what did you learn about sexual shame from your mother?
  6. how did you learn about sexual shame from society?
  7. How did you find your way through sexual shame to a healthy view of your sexuality?
  8. how do you promote sex positivity now?
  9. How does sexual shame continue to show up as a struggle in your life?
  10. When you’ve explored past sexual shame, what has happened?
  11. what advice would you give to someone struggling with sexual shame?