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  • Today I’m recording another session with my mother who was born in India in 1954. We dive deeper into her relationships with her parents, talk a little more about the early parts of her marriage, and about her university exams. Some of this information is also new information for me.
  • We get side-tracked a bunch and my mother’s words can be non-linear due to her intense anxiety.
  • I have sent the recordings to my mother, sister, and brother to get their approval before publishing and to ensure anything they wanted edited out got edited out.
  • As always if you like the episode, please tell your friends or better still, take a few minutes to just write us a quick review to help other relationship and intimacy lovers find us.
  • My mother also gestures wildly with her hands at times which I find quite charming but it does result in the mic getting frequently bumped so please bear with us.
  • Please keep in mind, this is experimental content for me. My relationship with my mom is complex and *riddled with intergenerational trauma*, and it is still a relationship between a child and their mother.
  • As a relationship, it’s still critically important in understanding where I come from and how I relate to intimacy. It informs my anxiety and how I struggle to experience strong family connections. In the absence of those strong relationships, it makes sense to have found so much peace in relationship anarchy, giving me the permission I needed to forge intense or intimate relationships with nonsexual and nonromantic partners. In a sense, Relationship Anarchy is a recipe for building Found Family for me.
  • Content warning: we briefly touch on my grandmother’s suicide attempts involving hanging and fire and the consequences that had emotionally for my mother.
  1. Did your parents have many friends when you were growing up?
  2. What were your friends like at school?
  3. What was it like being married in India?
  4. What were your siblings’ dating relationships like?
  5. What was your parent’s relationship like?