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Lisa and Paula are back: two monogamous, vanilla, heterosexual women of colour in their 40s. They’re successful mothers, wives, and entrepreneurs who met during their MBA programs at UBC. They were super interested to talk more about the results of their struggles with Sexual Shame, which we talk about mostly in their first session on Intimate Interactions.

This session focuses more on arousal and the idea of a sexual renaissance. Lisa talks about her midlife awakening; that if she didn’t start asking for what she wanted, if she didn’t start living life, it would pass her by. Paula talks about burlesque and sexual empowerment. They mention their experimentation with cannabis edibles culminating in their high end cannabis edible, Trufelle, marketed towards other suburban wives and moms. They also mention quadrants of arousal. All of these things are linked in the resources which show up on Patreon for my premium content subscribers and for my other fans. 

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I mentioned the Vancouver improvised partner dance scene. There’s also if you decide you want to explore more in the BDSM realm. You can also find content on my website to have conversations about open relationships or introduce the idea to partners at:

For non monogamy events, there are two pages (though both call polyamory “poly” which may be unfair to Polynesian people who prefer we use PolyAm or another shortening rather than burying their pre-existing use, their groups, and visibility of culture (under an avalanche of middle class white folks flocking to a new lifestyle). It’s a complex issue involving the word Polynesian being a colonial word and the complicated experience of internal Racism, something BIMPoC folks tend to understand in my experience and non racialized folks tend not to understand. My advice, it’s not inconvenient to just change your language, especially if you don’t understand the experience of being part of a struggling diaspora that is marginalized): and

I spoke about the awesome drag kings at Man Up. Here’s an article about them

Trufelle is a high-end cannabis edible created by the two entrepreneurs from today’s episode. They host events if you’re interested.