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Today we meet Chelsey, a person working towards a Social Work degree at UNBC. She is a cisgender white queer femme who is anarchist leaning and is currently working as one of the humans pioneering conflict resolution strategies in a survivor support role. She’s also currently doing a lot of side projects. She is recently published as a feminist undergrad on the topic of practicing Non Monogamy in the context of Patriarchy. Currently she’s working with the women reporting they experienced harm in their interactions with Franklin Veaux. We chat today about what relationships are and how sex and trauma are political. 

  1. Who are you and what is a support pod?
  2. To start with, what is a relationship and what do you think relationships are for?
  3. Describe the relationship you see between intimacy and relationships.
  4. What about sex is political and why?
  5. What kinds of relationships do you see as having the most intimacy for you?
  6. What is trauma and how does it impact our relationships?

Resources (redirect to cnvc needs inventory) (redirect to cnvc feelings inventory) (reshare of the simplified explanation)