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Most of us have probably experienced burnout. It can look like feeling tired, empty, sad, resentful, angry, used, or hurt. It can run from the first signs of resistance or hesitation around an activity to full, impassioned non compliance.

When we play on edges like we do in BDSM sometimes or play with really intense feelings like emotional sadism or emotional masochism, there is a lot to think about in terms of what health looks like in this lifestyle and how we hold our own truth while trying to do things like service. We don’t always choose the things in our lives that will be feeding for us and sometimes those things are very complicated. Still, it’s nice to have people like Tillie in our lives to chat with about these things. Today, Tillie and I struggle towards clarity on these issues and hopefully leave you with a lot to think about in terms of service, burn-out, and self-care. Thanks for listening.