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content warning: we briefly discuss blood play

  • Sometimes when folks talk about a gold standard of service, they talk about anticipating the needs of someone else which is problematic to say the least. 
  • Getting it wrong is only human as no one is perfect.
  • Accepting our imperfection is hard enough but asking someone how you can help can require courage.
  • Asking for help ourselves sometimes requires more.
  • So when asking someone else is seen as asking them for help on our task of anticipating what they want, we might shy away, especially if we’re a certain kind of human.
  • Tillie is back to help us get clarity on this topic of anticipatory service, but first we delve into some early non monogamy experiences and learn a little more about who Tillie is.
  • I’m excited to share our discussions on these two topics with you. I appreciate you. Thanks for coming back again and again.