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– content warning: white supremacy

– Ranting and off topic is usual and can help with rest

– What’s your trigger plan for today? What do you need if you get triggered?

I interview Robyn this week to talk about how her estranged father is a KKK member. It was a really interesting episode. Content warning if white supremacy, racism, the KKK, child abuse, or trauma upset you. Robyn mention the Calm Harm app as a way of coping with self harm. Here are the questions from the episode:

– Do you use inappropriate jokes ever to cope with the awkwardness or anxiety surrounding trauma?

– How does poverty intersect with trauma in your experience?

– How do you feel white supremacy intersects with poverty in your experience?

– How does white supremacy intersect with trauma?

– What has healing from white supremacy looked like for you?

– What does shame surrounding healing from white supremacy look like?