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  • In this episode, I catch up with a childhood friend
  • Intimacy is almost always a fun topic
  • Often to understand how intimacy fails
    • It’s helpful to talk about things that get in the way
  • Rarely do i get a chance to talk about niche topics like prison reform
    • Yana is also very passionate and lovely
    • I especially love when she starts talking about alternative programs to improve results from prisons

If you’re struggling to humanize criminals, here’s a podcast between two former convicts who have both (as of today’s date) successfully gotten out of jail and stayed out of jail. They are talking about how one of them came to be a murderer as a youth and how it affected his life as well as what life is like after prison.

“The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander

Indigenous woman, sexual assault survivor, testifies in shackles

WISH Vancouver

PACE Society Vancouver