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Kink can be intimidating: there’s a lot to learn, the stakes feel high, there’s stigma, there’s self-identity change. Emma is back to break it down and make it easier. She’s been practicing kink for a little over two years including ethically playing with people outside of her monogamous relationship with her partner T.

In Emma’s first two years being kinky, she’s learned a lot. We’ll talk about what she gets out of exploring submission, how service serves her, how she’s learned about this lifestyle, and what she’s currently still learning about. We also talk briefly about rape culture so there’s a content warning here that a fairly brief discussion of rape and sexual assault happens later in this session.

In discussing healthy and unhealthy relationships, I mention Gottman’s work again and have included links to that as resources.

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, The: A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert (audio | book)