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Van Dwelling is for some a matter of necessity. For others, it’s a choice. What is it? Exactly what it sounds like: living in your vehicle. In some communities, housing is quite expensive. In some lives, being functional long enough to produce the employment opportunities and or funds to pay rent is quite challenging. Some organizations count van dwellers as homeless and what they mean by that word may be true for some van dwellers; yet why then would some choose this lifestyle?

Selena is an educated former junior engineer who currently works as a sex worker at an agency – if you missed that episode, I interview her about her sex work earlier in the series. She’s pleasant, smart, and soft spoken – apologies in advance for the background noise. Sex work to her has nothing to do with why she chooses to be a van dweller. So why then is she so passionate about this lifestyle? Let’s find out on Intimate Interactions.

Van Dwelling Tips:

  • public pools have inexpensive showers
  • public parks often have free parking and bathrooms
  • laundromats do laundry if you are in a van just as well as if you don’t have in suite laundry in an apartment
  • merino wool is antibacterial, wicks sweat away, and has extended wear time
  • public libraries have computers, audiobooks, DVDs, movies, internet access, bathrooms, and in Vancouver sometimes recording studios